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Get a glimpse of heaven as you fly high into the beautiful Dubai skies on a hot air balloon! As you glide gently through the beautiful Dubai desert in a hot air balloon, take in the sights and sounds of the city. All balloon trips begin shortly before sunrise, so get up early morning to catch a glimpse of the natural splendour that surrounds you. The Dubai hot air balloon adventure begins with a brief pre-flight briefing before boarding the basket and gliding across the vast expanse of Dubai’s desert. As soon as the balloon lifts off, you’ll be enthralled! The wind will float you serenely across the beautiful conservation area and over the desert flora and fauna.

The exotic beauty of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve makes it one of the most popular places in the world to take a Hot Air Balloon Ride. Your hot air balloon adventure begins with a pre-dawn pick-up from your accommodation, as it is an early morning excursion. As you approach the launch point in Skydive Desert Margham, learn how the enormous balloon is filled and prepared for the flight. After warming up with complimentary refreshments follow the safety instructions and board the colourful balloon, which can hold up to 20 people in its basket.

As soon as the balloon lifts off, you’ll be enthralled! For roughly 40 to 70 minutes, the wind will gently float you across the magnificent conservation reserve and over the desert vegetation and fauna. Look down on the camels and gazelles freely roaming the desert from a height of nearly 1000 feet. Of course, take in the stunning vistas of the sun rising over the Hajjar Mountains against the orange and crimson sand dunes. These breathtakingly refreshing and serene sights stand in stark contrast to Dubai’s crowded sights, which are only 30 kilometres away.

You’ll also discover some intriguing things about the desert habitat and wildlife from your knowledgeable and kind pilot. Following the trip, you will be softly and safely descended to the ground. Enjoying a Hot Air Balloon ride over one of the most magical places on earth is an experience not to be missed.

Availability Daily
Duration 40 – 70 Minutes (Approx)
Timings Starting Time : 04:00:00
Languages English



1250 د.إ



Over 18 ( 1250 د.إ )



Under 18 ( 0 د.إ )


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