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The fascinating world of Formula 1 racing beckons you at the Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi.

If you find those roaring cars- each one of them a feat of engineering, absolutely irresistible, this is the place for you. Experience how it feels like to be in the shoes of an Ayrton Senna or a Michael Prost at this dream-come-true destination for fans of racing. Inspired by the world of the Formula 1 Racing giants, Ferrari, the most popular attraction in Abu Dhabi welcomes you with lots of fun activities and adrenaline-pumping rides. Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World enjoys the distinction of being the world’s largest space frame structure.

It’s an exhilarating experience here as you enjoy 17 Ferrari-inspired rides and activities for both adults and kids spread through a mammoth 200,000 SQM. The sleek red roof of this iconic structure takes inspiration from the Ferrari GT body’s double curve side profile, an all-time classic, and emblazoned on it is the largest Ferrari logo the world has ever seen. There are a lot of rides and attractions welcoming you to this amazing destination exclusive to this place. If that still doesn’t thrill you enough, get a first-hand experience of what happens at a pit stop while changing tyres- a close to the real experience of Formula 1 racing.

The Main Attractions at the Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

  • The Fastest Roller Coaster in the World: This lightning-fast roller coaster gives you an unparalleled thrill as you zoom up and zip down the tracks screaming at the top of your voice. It’s an out-of-this-world adrenaline-pumping adventure that nothing else can even come close to matching
  • Spinning Tyres: This is a lot of fun! You are put on a tyre with four others and then you go round and round at a high speed colliding with fellow riders. It’s just the ideal weekend fun activity for you with your friends or cousins for company
  • Join Nello as you Dive into the 4D Fantasy Universe: All of our escape into a world of fantasies at times, don’t we? It’s a fantasy ride that Nello, a naughty Ferrari driver takes you on as you dive into oceans, go flying over cliffs, and enter ice caves while 4D technology is used to adjust the temperature, the moisture, the lighting, and the movement as well.
  • Ride alongside a Formula 1 Super Star: You must have often wondered how it feels like to be at the wheels of one of those amazing Formula 1 cars. Well, here’s your chance to get a hang of being in the driving seat on one of those fascinating cars as you experience what Formula 1 driving is all about courtesy of motion-based simulation technology. Zip through the streets of Maranello for an unimaginable thrill.
  • Take a ride on the iconic Ferrari California: Pinch yourself! No, it’s not a dream! You do get to ride around Yas Island in a Ferrari in California. To put the icing on the cake, you are given a driving lesson on how to drive the iconic model, an experience you can share with a chosen few as you can accommodate two passengers in the rear seat.
  • Go for the Ultimate Challenge: Do you consider yourself to be a Ferrari aficionado? Here’s your chance to brush up on your knowledge. Participate in an interactive game show that tests your knowledge about the Ferrari. Challenge your friends to a race in a Ferrari F430 Spider on real racecourses and come up trumps being crowned the Fast Lane Champion.

How Should You Reach Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi?

  • By the Metro: You can take the metro from Airport Terminal 3 and get off at Ibn Batuta Mall. Once you are there, take a bus to Shahama. From there, hire a taxi to reach your destination.
  • By Bus: Take a bus from terminal 1 to Ghubaiba Bus Station. Take another bus to Abu Dhabi’s central bus station. From there, head for the Al Wadha Terminal to take a bus to the destination.
  • By Yas Express: These are the complimentary shuttle bus services running on several routes. You can take these from various points in the city to reach Yas Island inside the Ferrari World complex.

What’s the Best Time of the Year to Visit the Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi?

The weather in Abu Dhabi is at its best between December and February. While much of the experience at Ferrari World is an indoor one, it goes without saying that you’ll enjoy your stay in Abu Dhabi all that more when the weather is fine. So, December to February is the time to land in Abu Dhabi for a fascinating tour of the Ferrari World.

A racing enthusiast or not, a trip to the Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi remains etched in the minds of every visitor. The ride on the world’s fastest roller coaster and the simulated activities that give you a hang of Formula 1 racing is truly unforgettable experiences. It’s a holiday experience of a lifetime!



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