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A hub of several service industries. And also a very popular tourist spot. It attracts several million tourists from across the world. A wide range of attractions welcome visitors to Dubai. They range from massive shopping malls and gaming arcades to other marvels of architecture and construction. And one of the most popular items of tourist attractions in Dubai is the Dolphin and Seal Show.

What is the Dolphin and Seal Show All About?

It’s about watching extremely witty and talented marine animal species performing live. It’s about getting up close with them. Get to see the dolphins and seals in action. As attractive as they are intelligent, the seals and dolphins will perform some amazing stunts in front of you that will leave you speechless. And all this in the cool comforts of an air-conditioned indoor chamber.

This event is unique in the entire Middle East. It’s 45 minutes of pure fun and entertainment for the entire family.

What Do the Animals Do?

They perform a whole lot of activities. You would stay wide-eyed in wonder as the seals and dolphins,

    • Sing
    • Dance
    • Play ball
    • Jump through hoops
    • Juggle
    • Do a range of other innovative and fun stunts!

The shows would leave you wondering, “am I dreaming, or is it actually happening?” Trust us – you are not dreaming. All this is happening for real. And you are being a part of a most awesome and unique event – awesome shows put up by dolphins and seals.

What More is There?

Want to get up close with these adorable animals? Then head for the Dolphin Planet. A mind-blowing experience awaits you here – swimming with the dolphins. Let the kids ride on the back of the sweet dolphins, or navigate the pool holding on to the animals’ dorsal fins.

Get down on the pool and touch, feel, hug, and kiss the beautiful dolphins. The trainers will give you a detailed brief about these pretty animals while they get up close to you. They love you as much as you would love them. And they are quite eager to come up and get hugged by humans.

Options are available to interact with the dolphins in both shallow (knee-deep) and deep water pools. Choose the pool type based on your swimming skills.

Various schemes and offers are available regarding ticket rates. Do check them out before you book. But you must book yourself and your family for a dolphin and seal show event. This is going to be a landmark event in your Dubai trip. An experience to cherish for a lifetime.



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